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Contact me:

Ori Kaplan

P. O. Box 4541

Caesarea 3088900




Introduction to the second edition:

This work concludes six years of research, which I undertook in order to find out where my family came from, who they were, and where are they now.


With the aid of members of our family, the Internet, Libraries and many people whom I met during those years. I was able to carry on the task, and present to all of you this comprehensive study. 


It begins at the turn of the 19th Century in Lithuania, and covers the families of 8 out of the 9 brothers and sisters, the families are located today all around the Globe, we can find them in New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Israel, England, Canada and the USA.


The changes, corrections and additions to the first edition are typed in red ink, this will help those of you who had the first edition and would like to look at the changes only.

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